Jul 14, 2007

Green Autodesk

The sustainable design movement is being led by you and we encourage you to visit their www.autodesk.com/green to find stories, profiles and information to assist in your continued sustainable design learning. Autodesk have recently sponsored the "Envisioning Change" art exhibit to increase awareness of the effects of climate change on the world’s coldest regions and to inspire changes in behaviour that can slow it down. More....

Carbon Neutral Building Design – How Low Can You Go?

Green Building Studio povides the tools and knowledge necessary to design carbon neutral buildings. "We will begin by assessing the carbon footprint of a schematic design and modifying the design to minimize its carbon footprint with parametric simulations" More...

Welcome to my new GREEN BIM blog!

I plan to capture my path into green design in architecture; you can visit this site to see how I get on. ..these are early days for me - you could say I am a bit of a Green newbie.

There are some early indicators of direction in respect of tools I may use these include IES and Ecotect which seem popular....and rating systems like LEED and BREEAM being well established in the industry….there is much talk about reducing carbon footprint and less talk about negative carbon footprints…there is much talk about making our new building greener and less talk about re-using our existing building stock. Can you do “green design” for a company whose building is for a Cigarette manufacturer!

Designers are aware of the need for sustainable design but are often unsure what to do, often decisions are made to late when costs for change will be high and there is no appetite to delay the programme. The idea of doing early design is important....the orientation of a building for example may not give significant savings in construction costs but can give significant savings in energy use and life cycle costs.

Just a couple of thoughts to start my green bim blog. If you would like to visit my web site go to http://www.4bim.com/