Jul 17, 2007

Do's and Don'ts for Sustainable Architects

Here are some great do's and don'ts from an AECbytes article from 2005 and still very applicable today:

"Don't — feel like you have to immediately master the new simulation programs that perform the analysis. Grow into these programs over time. Look for young architects coming out of school that have the aptitude and interest in using these programs. For those who will never grow to use them, it is absolutely fine. Again, just be the best in the world at providing the data necessary to run the simulations and interpret the results.

Don't — wait until the design is done to have a simulation performed. It is best to do these kinds of studies at the conceptual design stage so that you still have time to make modifications to the design for optimizing the energy efficiency of the building.

Do — begin to read about sustainable design and which tips and tricks you can employ to keep buildings warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer without additional energy consumption. A good place to start learning is the World Green Building Council website.

Do — develop an understanding for energy-efficient building components and attempt to specify them as much as possible in your designs.

Do — develop a relationship with an engineer that employs advanced energy simulation software. Be very good at generating the necessary inputs so that it is easy to run analysis against your designs.

Do — market your newly found skills. Architects don't normally appeal to clients with an energy competence message. It's time!

Do — consider starting your projects in 3D from the outset. The virtual model linked to software assessing building energy efficiency can lead to improvement in the overall design. "

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