Aug 17, 2007

USGBC Honors Green Building Leaders

The Organizational Excellence Award was presented this year to HOK and was accepted by Mary Ann Lazarus, Senior Vice President. Sustainable design is a core value for HOK, and is integral to every aspect of the firm's work and operations. HOK was the first large design firm to join USGBC, and HOK's sustainable leaders helped USGBC develop the first LEED rating system. The firm has continued to be an active partner in USGBC, providing leadership in the LEED program and sponsoring and participating in Greenbuild and other USGBC activities.

The partnership reached a new level this past year when HOK sustainable design principals assumed leadership roles in the Gulf Coast Reconstruction charrettes at Greenbuild 2005 and the production of the resulting New Orleans Principles and other reports. HOK was also the first firm to reach 100 LEED Accredited Professionals and today boasts more than 430 on staff, including much of the firm's leadership. All new salaried hires are now expected to become accredited within six months, with the long-term goal to have 100% of design professionals accredited. HOK has adopted a policy to apply LEED to every project and has fully integrated LEED into "The HOK Guidebook to Sustainable Design." More...

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