Jan 3, 2008

BIM/Sustainable webinars (HOK resource)

Thanks again for attending all or some of the BIM/Sustainable webinars in December. All of the Presentations including audio are now on KNet. Great lunchtime listening/viewing!

HOK Green BIM Tools – Ecotect (HOK link)

HOK Green BIM Tools – Green Building Studio (HOK link)

HOK Green BIM Tools - IES (HOK link)


Anonymous said...

Do those links work only for HOK employees? I tried watching those webinars and I get the message "Server not found ... can't find the server at www.knowledgenet.hok.com ..."

Anonymous said...

Would be great if you can make them available again, would love to learn more about those programs

Tomislav Zigo said...

Are these (when available) based on HOK project experience, or they are just marketing material form Square One, Green Building Studio and IES?

Anonymous said...

Yes, only for HOK employees

Lake Town said...