Feb 15, 2008

Autodesk Expands Sustainable Design Product Portfolio

"Acquisitions of Analysis Technologies from Green Building Studio and Carmel Software Will Help Architects and Engineers Leverage Power of Building Information Modeling to Design More Efficient Buildings".

Autodesk announced on Feb 12 2008 that it has signed an agreement to acquire substantially all the assets of Green Building Studio, an innovative provider of web-based building energy analysis that enables architects and engineers to easily perform whole building energy analysis early in the design process.

Green Building Studio provides the ability to quickly and efficiently analyze building design proposals, providing building performance information to support sustainable design. Autodesk currently plans to continue support for the Green Building Studio web service and gbXML as an open standard, and to strengthen the web service's integration with its BIM software.

"We have partnered with Autodesk for many years, and commend their ongoing support for sustainability," said John Kennedy, CEO, Green Building Studio.


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